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I’m learning the vanilla finds it’s way into many of the recipes I’m using for our candy.  So I thought I’d share some of what I’m learning about it.

  • Vanilla extract is the most common form used.
  • It’s expensive because the process to make it is so labor intensive – taking up to 3 years to make!
  • There are four main types of Vanilla: Indonesian, Mexican, Tahitian,  and Bourbon.  These different types are also affected by where they are grown – like wine and grapes – so there really are even more variations.
  • Indonesian:  This is what you get in the grocery store.
  • Mexican: A stronger, richer vanilla.
  • Tahitian: Described as fruity or floral.
  • Bourbon:  I know, I got excited when I saw Bourbon too.  Sorry to disappoint, but it’s named for a period of time – and doesn’t contain any Bourbon.
  • Like all extracts, Vanilla should be stored in a cool, dark place.  Vanilla has a very long shelf life, but sun and extreme temperatures can adversely effect it.  Do not refrigerate it, but do store it in an airtight container.  Preferably in a dark glass, as plastic can also cause changes in flavor.





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