Shopping Small on the Biggest Shopping Weekend

I ended up cooking most of Thankgsiving dinner.  Not a big deal, except I wasn’t expecting that to happen until about a day or two before.  So that’s one easy day that kept me away from any big store sales.  But I wouldn’t have gone out to shop on Thanksgiving anyway.

Now I’ve never been a big Black Friday shopper.  The crowds and lines are crazy.  And people get too wrapped up on saving a few dollars and end up spending/ buying more than they planned to or should have.  I’d rather wait and shop late in the day or on the weekend after Thanksgiving.  So instead of shopping on Friday we had family over and enjoyed a mix of our and their leftovers and watched a movie.  I did brave the stores later though – I needed some more ribbon for packaging.  A big whopping $5 spent on Black Friday.

Small Business Saturday was next.  I had every intention of checking out one of their events:  But we spent the day making and packaging candy for our Sunday event.  (we’ll talk about that one shortly).  And the evening we visited friends for a 3rd run at Thanksgiving. I’m all Turkey’d out!


Sunday we were at Patchwork Santa Ana selling our Homemade Candies.

I had help in the booth so I was able to start my Christmas shopping at this wonderful handmade event!  Success!

Today is CyberMonday.  Here’s the temptation for me.  I’m an online shopper through and through.  I’d usually be scanning Ebay and Amazon at least right now.  Searching endless chain stores for the best deal on this or that.  But instead I’m going to put a little more effort in and check out the websites of some of the vendors I saw at Patchwork and other craft shows this year.  I’m going to check out lists like this one: and I’m going to support local business.

I’m off to a good start.


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