We have FUDGE, TOFFEE BARK, BRAINS and TOFFEE CANDY BARS available now. They can be purchased at up to a 66% discount!

  •  Brains 2 for $1 (regularly $1.50 each)
  • Toffee Candy Bar $1 (regularly $2)
  • Chocolate Fudge 3oz for $1 (regularly $3)
  • Toffee Bark 3oz for $1 (regularly $3)
  • Chocolate Fudge 8oz for $3 (regularly $8)
  • Toffee Bark 8oz for $3 (reguarly $8)

If you want to reserve yours please message us or email us at info@thekandyjar.com to arrange pick-up or local delivery.

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Shiny and new

A couple years ago the other half and I took a class from a Chocolatier.  We had been making candy for quite some time already at this point.  But we thought it would be fun.  Well he thought it would be fun, I was kind of going for the wine.  But we’ll concentrate on how much fun it actually was.

The chocolatier was amazing!  She even gave us some extra attention/ instruction as we got their a bit early and told her the dream of one day making our own candy business.   ???????????????????????????????

In this great class we were introduced to these great polycarbonate molds for making chocolate.  The molds (combined with a better chocolate) help with the final look of truffles.  They are easy to use, easy to clean and leave a nice gloss on the final product.  And the chocolates even come out of the mold easier.  We got to use them in class and loved them.

After the class, and getting to take home some AMAZING truffles, we scoured the internet looking for these great things.  And we spent a lot of time drooling over them.  But we couldn’t justify the cost when we only make candy once a year, at the holidays.

But now, here we are, starting our business and we couldn’t wait to get some.  So finally got a few.  OK, we went a little crazy and bought 12.  Don’t even ask about the painful price tag.  But really, we just couldn’t wait to use them ourselves.  We started with the heart mold and 58% chocolate.  It was wonderful to work with.  And our first filling: my popular caramel.  We have a few issues to work out, but boy did they come out yummy.

And here are a couple of the final results:

Heart Shaped salted Chocolate caramels

The Sweet Beginning

It occurred to me that a bit of history may be a good thing to share.  So here’s where it all came from. Image

It all starts with a little boy growing up eating a chocolate fudge recipe given to his mother by his kindergarten teacher.   He helped make the fudge for years until mom said “I’m tired..you make it!”  It sparked an interest in deserts (read created a chocoholic) and so he expanded on that recipe and learned to make more sweets for himself.

As an adult, when times were thin, he decided candy was a great way to give family and friends Christmas gifts (maybe in an attempt to keep those family and friends from getting thin, themselves).  They were such a hit, the next year people complained about getting regular gifts again. And from there it flourished because like us, our friends wanted candy year-round.  He knew he had something!

Today the candy recipes have expanded to include so much more than just chocolate.  OK let’s face it; it’s still a lot of chocolate.  And now he has a partner and a daughter to share the candy making.  Now we can share it with you and your friends and family!

A real friend…

You know someone is your friend when they give you more than half of their candy bar!

Eat it Now!

Philosophers say take time to smell the roses.

Nutritionists will tell you that you shouldn’t eat too fast.

At The Kandy Jar, we think they’ve got it all wrong.

EAT IT NOW!  And keep eating it fast.

Our candy isn’t meant to last you weeks on a shelf.


It’s fresh and yummy and should be eaten as soon as you get it.


Because we don’t use preservatives.  There’s no chemical mixture that makes it able to travel in a semi-truck and then sit on a shelf for weeks or months!


It’s fresh and ready to be eaten when it gets to you.  And we recommend you eat it fast.

Because we’ve found that if you don’t eat it fast, someone else will find it and eat it for you.

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