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Keep the Candy Cool – Indiegogo

Homemade Candy with no Preservatives tends to melt in the sun.


We’ve had great success at fairs and festivals in the past few months.  We’ve already paid to do a dozen more events this year and have been accepted into a local Farmer’s Market.  Sadly, our Pop-Up tent has pooped out!   Wind and use has bent most of the upper support.   We need a new one to keep our gooey chocolate candies (and us) from melting in the endless California sun.

Please consider donating to help us get a new Tent and you will get candy or handmade toys Lady Bug Bowlingin time for Christmas!


Can’t afford to donate, sharing and liking our project on Indiegogo will help us get seen by more people!

Even just clicking on the link can improve our ranking to give us exposure… Thank you in advance.



We have FUDGE, TOFFEE BARK, BRAINS and TOFFEE CANDY BARS available now. They can be purchased at up to a 66% discount!

  •  Brains 2 for $1 (regularly $1.50 each)
  • Toffee Candy Bar $1 (regularly $2)
  • Chocolate Fudge 3oz for $1 (regularly $3)
  • Toffee Bark 3oz for $1 (regularly $3)
  • Chocolate Fudge 8oz for $3 (regularly $8)
  • Toffee Bark 8oz for $3 (reguarly $8)

If you want to reserve yours please message us or email us at to arrange pick-up or local delivery.

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